Fall of Evil, size 1280 x 1690 px Digital Summer 2018

When studying abroad, I was given a prompt from my professor to create a series of pieces that reflect my experiences while traveling to new destinations.  Because of the nature of most of my work;  I decided to combine both history and fantasy. Each of these pieces, except for the mummy, shows different famous monsters in literature and cinema and puts them in a different time in history in the countries I visited while overseas. This series from left to right, “Dracula” in Florence, Italy, “The Wolf Man” in Rome, Italy, and “The Witch” at the Notre Dame in Pairs, France were my muses.  This assignment was a way for me to try an experiment to make one medium, digital, look traditional like charcoal. The series titled “ Fall of Evil” is an experiment as well as a reflection on my study abroad trip as I take the most famous monsters in media or literature, and put them in different times and different parts of Europe. It also allowed me to experiment with texturing a digital image to see if I could make a digital piece look as if it’s drawn in a traditional medium.

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